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Player: Hilde Heyvaert

Character: Amelia Blueregard, otherwise known as Amy Blue, Amy or simply (and most commenly) Blue.

Tia Dalma ain't got nothing on me *obviously ment as a joke*.

Character Information

Covenant - Circle of the Crone

Clan - Mekhet. Although she doesn't hang out with other Shadows not of the Black Arc crew as politics tend to give her a headache. Especially if it's "family" bickering.

Age - She's a neonate, but that's all that's known about her.

Location - The Black Arc, which is currently outside of Antwerp

Coterie - The Black Arc

Specialties - medicine, voodoo, santeria, computers, security

Belief system - voodoo, santeria

Description Blue looks like the quintessential pirate fangirl, blending in casual modern day clothing with updated versions of historical dress. She is mostly seen wearing a frock coat and bucket boots combined with a skirt and top, and sometimes even going as far as wearing a tricorn hat. She wears pirate themed jewelry, blue glowstick armbands and when carrying weapons, she carries a cutlass and several flintlock pistols. She is of average height and while pretty in an unconventional way, not exceedingly handsome. She has long blonde hair which has been rather unevenly cut and is adorned with electric blue hairextensions.

Brief history

Amelia Blueregard was born and raised in New Orleans, where she spend her days with pirate reenactment (she is passionate about piracy), computer games, hacking, helping out in the family hotel and hanging out in all the supposedly wrong quarters of town. School never interested her much as she found it too easy, but nevertheless got all the straight A's (even at P.E.) and was accepted to Oxford University to study medicine.

In Oxford she continued her occult practises like she had at home, and eventually drew the attention of Sarus Black. The Elder came to the conclusion that he could either kill the girl or embrace her and choose the latter, making her his youngest childe not long after her graduation as a doctor. She continued studying medicine under tuttelage of Dokisha.

Around 2004 she decided to go travel the world, and came accross the Black Arc in the Caribbean, upon inspecting the historical galley she ran into it's Captain, an elder Gangrel. Impressed with her skill in a fight, and not to mention the modern age, he welcomed her into the crew, as the only female on the Arc.

Blue might be the youngest member of the Arc, but she's commonly seen as the brains of the piratical bunch. To the outside world she seems to be bubbly, overenthoused and sickeningly cheery, whether or not that is just a facade or not is the question, but people aren't inclined to believe there is more than meets the eye seeing her behaviour and the company she keeps.

Inspite of all of that, she has quite a few Kindred she can count on.


  • Her behaviour really IS a facade, Blue is a cunning backstabbing bitch who will sack Antwerp and turn it into a modern version of Tortuga first chance she gets.
  • Blue is the power behind the Black Arc coterie, and it is really her and not the Captain who is master over the ship.
  • Her IQ rating is higher than that of all other members of the Arc combined.
  • Blue just pretends to know nothing about Cruac, but is really a Cruac master, having made her own versions of As One and Roving Hut to protect the Arc and the Kindred on it. It is because of that that a resent attempt to sink the ship failed completely.
  • She knows the voodoo secret to turn people into zombies.


Tia Dalma, Elisabeth Swann, Captain Jack Sparrow, Treasure Island, Treasure Planet, Captain Hook, Peter Pan (several movie versions and the book), Jane from Neverland, the colour blue, historical pirate wardrobe pieces.


  • Drunken Pirate
  • Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks
  • Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirate's Life for Me
  • sea shanties
  • (Mehr als) der Absprung by Project Pitchfork

Others about Blue

  • Dokisha: There is more to her than meets the eye.
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